Omni-channel web analytics in China you can trust.

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Access vital web analytics regarding your brand’s web presence. Then, make insights-based decisions to drive performance in the market.

Hosted inside the market, Chinalytics provides superior levels of ease, accuracy and insight.

With a customizable, user-friendly platform, lean on comprehensive information that allows your brand to optimize in the market.

Hosted inside the Great Firewall, Chinalytics delivers statistical site feedback with unparalleled accuracy.


Chinalytics provides insights around:

  • Campaign performance
  • Audience characteristics and behavior
  • Cross-device/cross-platform measurement
  • Data management (APIs, filters, user permissions)
  • Sales and conversions
  • Site and app performance

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Heat mapping

Clearly understand user behavior in the market. Identify which parts of your brand’s web page draws the most attention- then optimize.

Leverage the power of Chinalytics to consistently improve your .CN website’s ability to convert.

Click tracking

Discover how visitors are moving around your website.

Lean on accurate web analytics inside the market, and drive revenue by getting web visitors to convert.

Access web analytics in China for your website.

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GDPR tool

Ensure compliance with Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Chinalytics’s GDPR tool makes certain that your brand’s China operations are fully compliant with the latest in Europe’s data privacy regulations.

Predictive analytics

Go where your customers are headed.

Identify the trends of your website’s visitors and turn them into customers through predictive analytics in China. 

Lean on predictive analytics to forecast how your brand will perform. Then, adapt your tactics to beat projections and grow market share.

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Visitor logging

Deploy Chinalytics for your brand. Track the actions of your website’s visitors in China with full clarity.


  • Where your visitors are coming from
  • How long they are staying on your website
  • How frequently they return
  • And more.

Session recording

Get full insight into what your visitors’ sessions look like on your website in China. Get rid of the guesswork and get unparalleled insights.

Get full clarity into a user’s journey and then assess how your brand can optimize to drive more conversions.

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Tmall marketplace tracking

Lean on Tmall marketplace insights and track how your store performs on China’s leading e-commerce channel.

Unleash the full power of web analytics in China and get full clarity into your customers’ Tmall experience.

Then, optimize your store to drive revenue on the platform.

Store rating tracking

Track store changes and know exactly how they affect your customers’ e-commerce experience and their perception of your brand over time.

Aggregate feedback. Lean on insights to optimize customer experience and grow market share.


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Increase conversion rate

Hertz uses Chinalytics Web Analytics custom variables to track specific customer data. It implements e-commerce tracking to better understand conversion funnel abandonment generating conversion rate uplift. MORE


Counterfeit Protection and Website Development

Brands are often in competition with low-quality knock offs and illicit saturation of the digital marketplace. Arc’teryx approached WPIC to help collect information on the extent of trademark and counterfeit infringements that were harming their unique brand experience. MORE

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