Equip your brand to serve your customers’ needs with Chinalytics.

Lean on in-depth, real-time reporting metrics to compare and contrast performance between different marketplaces and make insights-backed decisions to drive growth in the market.

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Make sure your analytics platform and dashboard are built to capture the precise data your organization needs to serve your Chinese customers best.

Whether you need full channel attribution, insights into customer behavior on your website, 100 percent ownership of your data on your own server, or any other analytics capability, the Chinalytics enterprise custom site team will make that happen.


Built to support insights-focused organizations across the world, Chinalytics integrates with a variety of key productivity, analytics and reporting platforms.

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Available in over 50 languages with a global service layer, customer branded interface, and multi-data inbound fields, Chinalytics helps you garner invaluable data about your customers with 100 per cent in-market accuracy.

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Support and training

With a dedicated global service layer, the Chinalytics team ensures that your organization is making the most of the platform, regardless of where you’re located.

WPIC provides training at the start of your Chinalytics subscription as well as custom support for your company throughout the duration of its engagement.


Get the data you need to understand the China market and your brand’s presence within it.

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