Trust that your brand is positioned correctly to succeed in a dynamic regulatory landscape.

From ICP licenses in China to industry-specific import regulations, ensure that your products get into the market and in your customers’ hands as quickly as possible.

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ICP (Internet content provider)

Trust WPIC to get the right licensing in place.

An ICP license in China is required by the national Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to allow global firms to operate websites in China’s digital space.

WPIC’s China-based online retail and merchant licenses provide local ICP applications and compliance systems that your brand can utilize as a proxy.


Beyond ICP licenses in China, WPIC will:

  • Liaise with governing bodies to reduce red tape
  • File applications and submit required documentation
  • Act as proxy for licenses
  • Provide affidavits for you to retain country control
  • Submit in-market trademark applications to establish your brand
  • And more.



Work with WPIC’s consulting practice to make sure your organization is fully compliant with policies and regulations in the market. 

Position your brand to ensure compliance across:

  • Reporting
  • Storing data within China’s borders
  • Scope of business regulations
  • Employment compliance
  • Contract compliance
  • And more.



Regulations (industry)

With different regulatory requirements for specific industries, ensure your organization has full clarity around what it takes to sell your products in the market. 

Across industries like pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, jewellry, food and beverage, and more, lean on WPIC’s consulting practice to guide you through the necessary steps. 

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Top-level control over company assets is critical for strategic agility in China’s rapidly changing business landscape. Workday’s Internet Service Provider (ISP) had the government-approved licenses of their web assets (ie. Internet Content Provider License) rolled into a hosting service contract. This would provide problematic if Workday chose to change hosting services or if the websites were shut down for unknown reasons. MORE


Enterprise Support and Native Ecommerce

Arrow Verical was pursuing an aggressive ‘land and expand’ China strategy and required a wide range of diverse Enterprise services from one centralized, in China source. MORE

WPIC’s clients know that ICP licenses in China and other regulatory requirements are handled efficiently, so they can focus on what matters most- driving conversions and growing market share.

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