Keep an eye on how your brand and competitors are performing in the market. Track digital trends and movements trends with unparalleled China e-commerce data.

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Custom reports

WPIC data solutions are fully customizable, so your organization and its stakeholders receive precisely the data and reports you need in order to move forward.

Pricing changes

Identify how the pricing across your category and the broad market evolves. Ensure your brand is offering competitive pricing. Gain market share over your competitors.

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Public voice

Ensure your brand is being communicated with the right voice, tone and language. Discover the communication styles that resonate with your consumers, then optimize to drive conversions.

Content monitoring

Ensure each asset you create is driving revenue for the brand.

Leverage industry leading China e-commerce data to evaluate the content your brand is disseminating inside the market.

Sales volumes and trends

Know where the consumer is headed. Align your brand and products to meet them there.

Discripto tracks leading e-commerce platforms, social media networks, bulletin boards, and the entire Chinese digital landscape so you can pivot and optimize, based on demand data.

Merchandising indicators

Ensure the product and merchandising your brand brings into the market is resonating with Chinese consumers, with industry trends based on comprehensive China e-commerce data, backed by Discripto.

Monitor the performance of your SKU’s, then optimize.

Supply indicators

Use industry-leading China e-commerce data to identify supply trends in China and optimize your inventory.

Avoid waste and make sure your brand is operating at a high level in the market.

Strengths and weaknesses

Monitor your brand’s ongoing performance inside the market. Identify key opportunities for improvement.

Optimize and remove weaknesses to grow share among key demographics and drive revenue.

Design and branding updates

Lean on data to ensure your e-commerce stores in the market are designed specifically for Chinese audiences.

Channel conflict

Avoid and resolve channel conflict in the market with Discripto.

Track and monitor all instances of your brand being transacted in the market, then act on that intelligence to ensure channel integrity.

New product content

Discover the best way to create content that complements your products while driving conversions.

Use data backed by Discripto to monitor your product content.

Positioning and presence

Leverage China e-commerce data to ensure your product is being positioned effectively and has the right web presence on leading platforms, as well as native commerce channels.

Market media

Make sure your products and services are being promoted through the most effective media channels inside the market.

E-commerce sales

Monitor your brand’s e-commerce sales inside the market with WPIC’s E-commerce Analysis and Tracking Software.

Identify key friction points in your customers’ e-commerce experience and lean on valuable insights to drive conversions- from intent to action.

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