Listen to consumer data across leading Chinese search and social platforms.

With millions of data points collected per campaign, Discripto provides your company with a comprehensive understanding of China’s digital space and the insights you need to sustain long-term, profitable growth in China.

Use data from Baidu, WeChat, Weibo and more to drive business results.

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Social listening

Gain insights from China’s leading social networks to learn who your customers really are:

Through Discripto, WPIC builds a robust data set and analyzes those conversations (in their native language) to provide insights on market opportunities for your brand in China.

Partner with WPIC, the leading China market research company in social listening.

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  • Gather wisdom on your businesses’ successes
  • Identify opportunities for improvement
  • Generate ideas for new products and improve on existing ones.


Consumer sentiment and comments

By finding the root cause behind consumer conversations around products, brands gain priceless insights.

In employing social and search listening tools across China’s digital and web spaces, WPIC identifies overall customer sentiment and aggregates feedback.

The end result? You’re left with an understanding of how your customers perceive your brand, in their own words.

Improve the perception of your brand. Drive revenue in the market.

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Search metrics

75% of web traffic in China originates on Baidu. Companies looking for growth in the market need to have an effective data strategy for the leader in Chinese search. What’s more, Baidu can be indexed to deduce large amounts of information about the Chinese market.

Through search data, Discripto can indicate several key metrics, including:

  • Where your brand lines up against competitors
  • Which keywords within an SKU segment are most popular
  • The sales volume your brand can expect over a given time period
  • And more.

Leverage search data with the right China market research company.

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KOL data

Gather data from the most vibrant part of China’s online and media ecosystem to get actionable insights for your brand.

Ensure your team is leveraging insights from across the Chinese influencer (KOL) ecosystem. Identify what the trends are among KOLs, and the patterns amongst their audience responses.

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Keywords and search volume

Aggregate search volume and keyword data. Then lean on that information for comprehensive market research and business intelligence reports.

Discripto accesses data from search engines, forums, portals and bulletin board systems to identify key hotspots of:

  • Search data
  • Unit volume activity
  • Overall conversion sources.

The end result? Specific recommendations, across multiple platforms that allow you to build effective SEO and PPC campaigns.

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SEO real estate

WPIC’s big data solutions aggregate search patterns across China’s internet and then identifies relevant keywords and search terms.

Ensure your company has high value search result placement among relevant keywords and search terms on China’s leading search engines.

Partner with a China market research company that leverages the power of data to drive awareness among consumers with intention.

PPC placement and ad copy

Use Discripto to identify key trends among high performing ads inside the market – from consideration to intent to action.

Discover successful tactics and then optimize PPC placement and ad copy to drive conversions for your brand.

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