Founded 15 years ago by brothers Jacob and Joseph Cooke, WPIC Marketing + Technologies drives online revenue for Western brands in China and Japan through data, analytics, e-commerce solutions, and essential support services.

Our on-the-ground expertise, business acumen, and global reach provide the structure brands trust to grow their presence in the world’s largest consumer markets.

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Complemented by Chinese and Japanese operations in digital and IT sectors, WPIC’s data capabilities have successfully deployed and grown over 350 brands in China and Japan, simultaneously maximizing revenue while mitigating risk. Beyond technology, we provide the intelligence and market wisdom necessary to shape successful market entry for newcomers, as well as amass significant growth in market share for brands wishing to improve the performance of their Asian operations.

Is your business interested in tapping into billions of potential customers and trillions in consumer capital? Join organizations such as Honeywell, Lululemon, BASF, Eddie Bauer, Pantone, and Ford-Lincoln that have chosen WPIC as the partner they trust to expand their brands in Asia.

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