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How Australian Brands are Conquering the Chinese Market

Published on: May 13, 2024

The allure of Aussie products in the Chinese market is hardly a recent phenomenon, but there’s a fresh wave of enthusiasm sweeping through. Australian brands aren’t just keeping up in China, one of the world’s biggest markets — they’re sprinting ahead!

Now more than ever, “Brand Australia” conjures images of pristine quality and luxurious yet accessible products in the minds of Chinese consumers. As the spending power in China grows, Australian companies are not just joining the competition — they’re leading it. They’re carving out strong reputations in sectors like health, beauty, food and beverage and let’s not forget the burgeoning wine scene.

And let’s not overlook the million-strong Chinese diaspora in Australia, serving as passionate advocates for these brands, ready to root for their success back on the mainland.

Join us as we dive into how these sectors are not only breaking into but genuinely conquering the Chinese market. 


Rising Demand for Australian Health Products

Australia’s pristine image is creating quite the buzz in China’s health and wellness circles. Renowned for their cleanliness, Australian products are now the go-to for Chinese consumers hungry for healthy, natural options. Items like health supplements are flying off the virtual shelves, especially among those who value pure ingredients.

Leading the charge are household names such as Blackmores, Swisse Wellness, and Life-Space. These brands aren’t just making waves — they’re topping sales charts on Tmall Global, one of China’s leading online marketplaces.

Their secret? A relentless emphasis on purity and nature, a message that resonates deeply with health-conscious Chinese buyers.

Moreover, these Australian brands are savvy about their sales strategies, leveraging top Chinese e-commerce platforms like Tmall and JD.com. This digital-first approach helps them sidestep traditional retail hurdles and deliver their premium health products directly to consumers’ doorsteps.

And then there’s the ‘daigou’ phenomenon — personal shoppers who procure goods overseas for those back home. This trend has been a boon for Australian health products, further solidifying their popularity and bringing a slice of Australian wellness to numerous Chinese households.

Australian Beauty Brands Shine in China

Australian beauty brands are making quite the splash in China, riding the wave of demand for bath, body, and skincare products with clean, natural ingredients. These brands are mastering the art of digital engagement with partnerships with China’s most influential KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders). Moreover, they’re spinning compelling stories around sustainability and ethical practices, which strike a chord with the eco-conscious Chinese shoppers.

Heavy-hitters like Aesop, Jurlique, and Bondi Boost have carved out a niche with top-tier products that don’t just beautify but do so responsibly. They incorporate distinctly Australian ingredients like tea tree oil and eucalyptus — echoing the herbal traditions of Chinese medicine, which adds a layer of familiarity and trustworthiness for Chinese consumers.

How Australian Brands are Conquering the Chinese Market - Beauty

Jurlique, in particular, has seen a remarkable trajectory. From a niche label to a powerhouse with stores across China, it’s become a darling among the eco-conscious youth. These consumers are willing to invest in products that align with their values, even if it means spending a bit more.

Major shopping festivals in China, such as Singles’ Day, have further amplified the reach of Australian beauty brands. These events offer a prime opportunity for explosive sales and help introduce these brands to a broader audience through major e-commerce platforms, ensuring that more consumers discover and embrace their offerings.

Australian Food & Drinks Still a Big Hit

China’s appetite for Australian food and beverage products, including wine, shows no signs of waning.

When it comes to exports, Australia (with a friendly nod to New Zealand) is leading the charge in honey shipments to China. Meanwhile, the baby food sector is experiencing a notable boom — especially in baby formula. With the end of China’s one-child policy, a surge in demand has unfolded. Mintel’s insights reveal that over half of Chinese mothers prefer Australian baby formula, lauding its quality and organic options that are a hit among the burgeoning middle class. Aussie dairy brands like Maxigenes and Devondale are the top picks for milk powders on Tmall, reigning supreme in the marketplace.

Wine, a longstanding powerhouse in Australian exports, hit a high with 121 million litres valued at US$1.3 billion by October 2020. Australia claimed the crown as the top imported wine origin in mainland China, boasting a 27% volume share. Despite recent snags from hefty import duties, there’s good news. As of March 2024, China’s Ministry of Commerce has decided to eliminate these duties, setting the stage for Australian wineries to regain their premium status and once again capture the hearts — and taste buds — of Chinese wine aficionados.

The Australian Edge

From health and wellness to beauty, and from gourmet foods to fine wines, Australian brands are enjoying unprecedented success in China. They’re not just participating; they’re leading the way in their respective industries. With a firm grasp on digital marketing and a keen understanding of Chinese consumer preferences, these brands are setting new standards in quality and innovation.

Australian businesses are making their mark with strategic digital engagement, commitment to ethical production, and a steadfast focus on natural ingredients. They’re not just setting the bar, but constantly raising it in one of the world’s most vibrant markets. The recent removal of import duties on wine and the booming demand for organic baby formula are just the latest chapters in this ongoing success story.

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