Case Study 1 – Counterfeit Protection


In China, trademark infringement and counterfeit products are commonplace. Protecting your trademark in China is essential.

Business Problem

Brands are often in competition with low-quality knock offs and illicit saturation of the digital marketplace. Arc’teryx approached WPIC Marketing + Technologies to help collect information on the extent to which trademark and counterfeit infringements were harming its unique brand experience inside the market.



WPIC deployed its distributed script technology, which delivers a comprehensive list of violations, including unauthorized resellers, copyright infringements, counterfeit goods, and sensitive internal documents.

Downloading and indexing the China digital space uncovered hundreds of illicit products and stores. A whitelist and blacklist were then developed and the blacklist was aggressively pursued, leveraging WPIC’s relationship with platforms such as Tmall, Taobao, and Baidu.


Violators change their website or webshop name and rebuild their illegal businesses. However, with continued programmatic monitoring and legal support, violators give up and move on to other brands with less protection. That gave the Arc’teryx brand a distinct advantage inside one of the world’s most important e-commerce markets.

Case Study 2 – Website Development


Quickly Heating Up Digital Strategy.

Business Problem

Arc’teryx approached WPIC to build a hybrid China website with online shopping capabilities and link it to their Tmall e-commerce platform for completion of payment and delivery of product.

The goal was a fast loading, localized, compliant site, hosted in China that offered customers a unique brand experience consistent with its premium product offering.




WPIC worked with Arc’teryx’s global and China teams to plan and create best-in-class design and layout, including parallax scrolling, striking, high-contrast photography and clean product presentation.

The site was optimized for mobile users with an easy-to-navigate structure and full screen product shots, as mobile shopping represented over fifty percent of all online retail in China.

The site was 100% China—friendly, meaning free of links to blocked sites, easily discoverable by Chinese search engines and optimized for the preferred China UX.

Extensive stress testing was performed to ensure identical mapping and all appropriate tags and 301’s were in place to maximize existing search engine performance.

To be hosted in China, an Internet Content Provider (ICP) license is required for compliance. WPIC collected, verified, processed and submitted all legal and licensing documentation from Arc‘teryx’s local and global teams and leveraged its relationships to expedite the process.

WPIC also set up and configured the client’s in market server, ensuring maximum uptime and fast load times. Chinalytics was installed for reliable and robust data collection, for use in optimized marketing campaigns.


A robust, user-focused and conversions driven website was developed in a short timeline, ensuring the “go-live” was achieved in time for major shopping events, including singles day.

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