Case Study 1 – Enterprise Support


Arrow Verical was pursuing an aggressive ‘land and expand’ China strategy and required a wide range of diverse enterprise services from one centralized source located in China.

Business Problem

Along with the Arrow and Verical stakeholders, WPIC Marketing + Technologies defined and developed an action plan and timeline, outlining procedures to set up legal, business, technical and marketing elements necessary for a streamlined, profit-generating entity.



WPIC developed complex digital architecture to ensure maximum security, as well as seamless and automated migration of data. IPSEC VPN, MySQL, Nagios monitoring, Arrow applications, production and translation servers were developed and deployed resulting in a robust China digital infrastructure.

WPIC managed legal proceedings to reclaim web assets, including a domain recovery process, as well as obtaining the ICP license required for hosting a website within China. Tax payment and receipt pathways were set up and audited to ensure compliance. Convenient payment gateways, such as Alipay, were set up to increase conversion rates.

In-China fulfillment was set up, including a cross-border legal policy, freight forwarding, and third-party logistics centers (3PLs). 3PLs and freight forwarders were identified, categorized, audited and approved by Verical stakeholder teams.

WPIC audited customer resource centres, trained new staff and a closed-loop tracking system was established to minimize lead loss. Regular cadence was set to: decide which SKUs could be fulfilled within China; identify high-demand products; and determine fulfillment speed, conversion rates and ultimately ROI. The WPIC team set up and audited lead management pathways, which included creation and validation of a 400 number and performance management system to closely track strengths and weaknesses. Onsite WPIC experts trained Verical teams in using Baidu marketing platforms.

WPIC’s PPC campaign was up and running quickly. Additionally, WPIC obtained business licenses, set up banking, payment pathways, a Baidu account, landing pages within China, and then collected and disseminated leads through a custom-built proprietary CRM system. Last, data was analyzed data with Chinalytics, WPIC’s web analytics tool.


The development and effective execution of these tactics allowed Verical to start generating leads and determine product demand and pricing strategies, influencing long-term strategy, as well as capturing revenue for short-term ROI.

Case Study 2 – Native Ecommerce


Full Control with a stand-alone site.

1,000,000+ SKUs worth over $8 billion from 500 different manufacturers are sold through the Vertical e-commerce site. The complexity, data flow and security considerations of the website required a comprehensive “define” phase and a significant on-boarding of diverse stakeholders. WPIC was approached to develop an e-commerce site on a massive scale, in line with its experience.

Business Problem

Verical required a stand-alone website that was fully compliant, localized, hosted in China and securely linked to their global network.


arrow website


WPIC developed an easy to navigate site that allowed for quick product selection and payment, increasing conversion rates. Load times decreased to 6.0 seconds, an impressive speed in China, considering its lagging Internet infrastructure.

WPIC also defined, planned and built out digital architecture to ensure the seamless and uninterrupted flow of data between databases within China and through ‘The Great Firewall’. The hosting stack was set up, SSL certificates purchased and integrated, and an IPSEC VPN was installed and tested to minimize data loss through The Firewall.


Verical launched its ecommerce site with great success and quick traction. RFQ’s increased by 2.5 times through aggressive PPC campaigns, as well as a drastic drop in cost per RFC) and exceptionally high ROI.

A standalone ecommerce site is an effective way to capture and analyze data, control the unique brand experience, and own your incoming traffic.

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