Crucial’s goal was to dominate the China market using an easy to navigate, quick-loading site with a custom-built Memory Selector. The Memory Selector enabled customers to locate compatible memory or storage and link the final selection to their Tmall store for convenient payment and delivery options. Crucial approached WPIC Marketing + Technologies to design and deliver this custom payment solution.

Business Problem

A hybrid site allows control over traffic and data while avoiding complexity and cost by using a third-party vendor (such as Tmall) to complete the sale. Customers are familiar with and trust the Tmall platform, thereby increasing the chances of a sale.



WPIC hosted the site in China for fast load times and stability during busy times to minimize lead loss through the Great Firewall. WPIC produced the eighth JavaScript exception in Tmall history and its entity-relationship table was created with 300,000+ entries.


Introducing Crucial to the market, positioning the brand appropriately and ensuring high traffic out of the gate were all bottom line elements of the project. The marketing strategy was to drive traffic from Baidu to the Tmall point of sale (POS) page. WPIC built trust via key opinion leaders (KOLs), ratings, community building and engagement and in the end, achieved phenomenal ROI for Crucial.

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