te connectivity



China product & commerce page UX localization, optimization and design

Business Problem

TE Connectivity Corporation engaged WPIC to identify key market intelligence and competitive insights inside the China market. They tasked WPIC with designing and optimizing top “path to purchase” pages for all three of the website’s breakpoints.

The page templates were initially built and designed for English content and characters and were not feasible for customers in China (primarily engineers, who needed the content in Simplified Chinese language).



To provide market data and research, WPIC executed a rapid market study and benchmark analysis to establish industry and category-leading optimizations and recommendations. 

WPIC’s activities around the program included:

  • A sectoral UX audit
  • Clear documentation delivery for each recommendation
  • An initial kick-off audit
  • A technical audit of TE’s Chinese website
  • Competitive analysis of the market
  • An assessment of existing site analytics 
  • And more.

For UX, website and code audits, WPIC performed the audits to outline all of the relevant nodes of the TE IT ecosystem. 

WPIC also initiated the optimization process to prepare for creative and design phases, which included: user interaction hotspot execution; highlight of areas for visual and design updates; content-type / page-type review and audit; production of UX optimization guidelines; heuristics analysis; optimization of code on website; identification of areas for SERP performance optimization; and keyword mapping to ensure complete closed-loop UX optimization.

For new creative and design, WPIC’s design team systematically ensured efficient progress and delivery of new design recommendations, including: the development of all schematics; production of wireframes; presentation of art board concepts; development of page/app function and design; and UX design and front-end design.


WPIC delivered this project successfully to the client within five weeks of its start and achieved TE’s desired result: a locally optimized page layout and design. This resulted in a significant increase in the meeting of KPI’s, including: marketing qualified leads (MQLs); conversions; and new customer acquisition.