Thought leadership and digital community management

Business Problem

In the digital space, content is king. Creating and disseminating content and gathering feedback provide a company with control over how it’s viewed and helps foster community and buy in. Canonical approached WPIC to launch a thought leadership campaign for Ubuntu software and products in China.



WPIC identified target groups and KPIs such as contest sign-ups, work submitted, and event attendees, which held the campaign accountable.

WPIC then executed copywriting, production, optimization and creative for a series of content pieces including PR and communication to the target market, user guides for new products, white paper production, how-to guides and comparative pieces, highlighting advantages over the competitive set.

Additionally, key influencers and KOLs (key opinion leaders) amongst market segments were identified and courted. Communication campaigns to signal new product rollouts were pushed through the KOLs networks and tracked.


Canonical experienced a rapid rise in community dialogue, held several well-attended events and established itself as a key player in the open-source software and hardware space within digital China.