No Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Youtube. The social media environment in China is unique and therefore demands a unique approach.

Business Problem

United States Meat and Export Federation (USMEF) approached WPIC Marketing + Technologies to accelerate their presence in the China meat market.



WPIC built the infrastructure and design and developed a fast-loading, bilingual website tailored to target specific market sectors.

The website was both mobile responsive and altered to work seamlessly inside the USMEF WeChat social landscape. A rarely seen WeChat posting function was integrated into the Chinese side, which allows moderated user comments to appear on the website.

Custom games were developed to promote the WeChat account. Visitors could compete and vote for friends and favourite restaurants within the app. Winners would receive unique QR codes used for on-location approval for vouchers and coupons. Win the contest, get a steak dinner, and just bring your smartphone with QR code for verification. The vendor could validate with a password to prevent multiple coupon usage.


All in all, USMEF saw 345 per cent growth in WeChat followers in less than two months. The social media strategy could then be combined with the custom website where USMEF could capture customer information for future campaigns.

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