Whether your organization is a small or medium sized business, an enterprise company, a government agency, or something else all together, your web presence in APAC is crucial to ensuring global success.

Lean on WPIC to empower your team and kickstart your digital transformation in Asia today.

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Selected Case Studies


In Q1 2020, Lottoland Ltd., a European-based gaming network approached WPIC Marketing + Technologies about developing and launching a dedicated website for the Japanese market. more

Ritchie Bros

As Ritchie Bros. embarked on China to launch their first auction, WPIC was approached to drive attendance at auctions & initiate RBA’s China mobility program, as well as activate live auction bidding. more

Tourism Vancouver

China is Vancouver’s largest overseas tourist market, with over 300,000 visitors in 2014 and growing in size, every year. Tourism Vancouver’s mandate was to develop world-class digital assets tailored to its biggest market. more


Top-level control over company assets is critical for strategic agility in China’s rapidly changing business landscape. Workday’s Internet Service Provider (ISP) had the government-approved licenses of their web assets (ie. Internet Content Provider License) rolled into a hosting service contract. This would provide problematic if Workday chose to change hosting services or if the websites were shut down for unknown reasons. more

Government of BC

British Columbia thrives as a top destination for China investment dollars. Chinese digital marketing plays a huge role in attracting new investors. more

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