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May 31, 2023

Episode Notes

In this episode of The Negotiation podcast, we are joined by Alex Palmer.

Alex is a highly accomplished marketing executive and currently serves as the Executive Vice President at WPIC Marketing + Technologies,. With extensive experience and a strategic mindset, he drives growth, fosters client relationships, and leads innovative marketing strategies, contributing to the company’s success and its position as an industry leader helping brands successfully expand into Asia.

In our conversation with Alex, we get valuable insights into his recent trip to WPIC’s offices in Japan and China, as well as WPIC’s latest initiative, the APAC E-commerce Accelerator Program. The program is designed to help brands expand into the Asia-Pacific region efficiently by taking care of the complexities of the supply chain, customs, financial reconciliations, and taxes. We also talk about the importance of having a reliable partner to manage operations in the region and highlight the significance of human relationship management skills in the future of business in Asia. Enjoy!

Topics Discussed and Key Points:

●      Golf retail in Japan
●      Honma, “the Titleist of Japan”
●      Efficiency gains for brands in the APAC E-commerce Accelerator Program
●      Implementing marketing strategies in the APAC region
●      Scaling businesses in different markets: Strategies and considerations
●      Managing business growth, decision-making, knowledge transfer, and outsourcing challenges
●      The rise of tech-driven health and wellness products in a consumer-conscious market
●      The importance of having the right partner in addressing regional consumer differences: education, adaptation, understanding, and bridging gaps for success
●      Building successful teams through effective stakeholder management and collaboration at scale
●      The importance of human relationship management and skill development

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