Have a problem with IT inside the Great firewall and need a China IT solution?

China Digital Labs

The future of business is technology, and WPIC is at the forefront of the technology boom transforming Asia’s economy. Finding the right mix of unique technologies, cloud activation, and integration demands careful planning, a world-class IT solution and thorough understanding of the infrastructure and security needs unique to Asia.

China IT Solution

That’s where China Digital Labs comes in.

WPIC’s capabilities include data integration and cloud management, marketing automation and CRM software, app development, API integration, enterprise system integration, payment gateways, hosting tools, PIM integration, and much more. WPIC develops custom China IT solutions based on our client’s specifications and internal IT policies with clean, robust code from award-winning programmers.

Whether your company needs to activate Rakuten for Japan or Tmall and JD for China, hosting or cloud support in the market, uptime monitoring, custom website and e-commerce development within the Great Firewall, or something else altogether, get in touch and let WPIC’s engineers and architects build your Japan and China IT solution. China Digital Labs will create the right solutions your business needs to fully realize its opportunity in Asia.

See what our clients are achieving with China Digital Labs

Lululemon Athletica

Market assessment research

As Lululemon was looking to enter the Chinese market, they did not know what the size of the opportunity was. They were unsure what the main online e-commerce platforms were and what their competitors were doing in China. MORE


Mobile phone app architecture

Ford-Lincoln wanted to build a Lincoln owner’s mobile phone application for the China market, but was unsure where to begin. So, they tasked WPIC with executing a “define” phase, in order to (1) refine the high-level business requirements and user experience and (2) create detailed functional requirements for the app. MORE

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