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Discripto is WPIC’s custom-built, big data, distributed script engine that provides your business with end-to-end visibility into China’s e-commerce market. Whether you’re in need of a market-entry blueprint or market-growth support, Discripto removes all mystery, providing you with trusted market research in China. Guide your business decisions with data-backed clarity you can bank on.

Hosted in China, Discripto downloads the Chinese Internet-based on specific parameters, then indexes and overlays the data to provide useful market research in China. By identifying SKUs for product groups and pulling down revenue per SKU, category, and platform (e.g., JD, Tmall, or other), Discripto forecasts your brand’s market opportunity within a guaranteed 99.9 per cent data accuracy rate. Optimizing your China growth strategy has never been easier or more predictable.

Here are just a few of the multiple applications for this powerful, robust data engine:

Market size

Validate market demand for your products in China

Competitive understanding

Gain clarity into how much your competitive set is selling for online in China

Social intelligence

Learn how consumers feel about your brand through Discripto’s social listening capabilities; develop new products, preempt issues and streamline the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns

Brand protection

Identify and eradicate trademark and copyright infringement

Positioning strategy and business set-up

Develop a data-backed revenue target and inventory strategy

Investment intelligence and performance metrics

Ensure the safety of your position in funds with exposure to Chinese platforms; glean insight into the activity of potential acquisitions, and monitor financial markets and protect investments

Market Research in China

Through Discripto, you have access to overall revenue availability, current and future market demands, and e-commerce, demographic and consumer data. In essence, Discripto provides all the data and market research in China you need, including data you never imagined you could get. With Discripto at your side, your company will know precisely where you need to be to enjoy profitability on Day 1 of your entry into the Chinese market, all the while minimizing risk significantly.

Join Lululemon, Ford-Lincoln, Pernod-Ricard and other major brands that have leveraged Discripto and maximized the return on their investment in China.

See what our clients are achieving with Discripto®

Lululemon Athletica

Market assessment research

As Lululemon was looking to enter the Chinese market, they did not know what the size of the opportunity was. They were unsure what the main online e-commerce platforms were and what their competitors were doing in China. MORE


Mobile phone app architecture

Ford-Lincoln wanted to build a Lincoln owner’s mobile phone application for the China market, but was unsure where to begin. So, they tasked WPIC with executing a “define” phase, in order to (1) refine the high-level business requirements and user experience and (2) create detailed functional requirements for the app. MORE

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