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Web Presence in China

While Western platforms such as Twitter and Facebook may not be available in China, the principles of digital marketing still remain, albeit in different forms. Chinese consumers are savvy, educated and mobile-focused. If you want your brand to make an impact in the world’s largest consumer market, your marketing campaigns need to speak to Chinese customers on their platforms, which means your China marketing agency needs to be at the forefront of Chinese tech.

China Marketing Agency


What’s the most relevant statistic when it comes to digital marketing in China? How about the fact that more than 80 per cent of the country’s Internet traffic originates from search engines, with 66 per cent of that coming from Baidu? High-ranking search performance is the most effective form of digital marketing available and with its on-the-ground expertise, WPIC has been a China marketing agency leader in China SEO for 15 years.


Web Presence in China has launched hundreds of PPC campaigns, continuously measuring, adjusting and remeasuring to keep performance and profitably consistently high. In China, however, it goes beyond just effective landing pages and leads tracking; vendors must be mindful that registrations, regulations, and infrastructure protocols in China are vastly different from those that operate in the West. WPIC is the China marketing agency partner you need to drive conversions and make PPC the channel that delivers your highest and most dependable ROI.

Social Marketing

If you haven’t heard of WeChat, you haven’t been marketing to China’s consumer class. With Facebook, Instagram and Twitter unavailable in-market, China’s one-stop digital shop for social interaction and engagement is a behemoth that offers everything from messaging to mobile payments. With our inside grasp of Chinese culture and mobile preferences, WPIC leverages the WeChat platform to bring your brand’s social media marketing directly into the hands of your customers.

Sina Weibo

Often referred to as China’s answer to Twitter, Sina Weibo is a microblogging platform with over 400 million monthly active users. An effective, long-term China marketing agency, WPIC has successfully launched Sina Weibo campaigns that resulted in tens of millions of clicks and 600 per cent follower growth within months. WPIC’s expertise helps brands trend in the Chinese digital space quickly and profitably.

KOL opportunities

Key opinion leaders or KOLs are instrumental in developing buzz around a brand in the Chinese online landscape. WPIC has launched numerous successful KOL campaigns for brands such as Champion Pet Foods and Eddie Bauer, allowing them to leverage the enormous followings these celebrity bloggers have to launch new products and access a vast pool of customers, often at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing.


Thought leadership articles published by KOLs or shared on social media can often develop buzz around little known products or brands rapidly. Over the years, WPIC has spearheaded a number of integrated thought leadership campaigns design to inform consumers and generate sales.

Media campaigns

As part of our integrated strategy, WPIC employs a number of online media partners and fan sites to effectively promote your brand to its key target markets.

Online PR

By building custom games within social platforms, integrating QR codes for coupons and prizes, and measuring results through social listening tools and analytics, your brand can achieve measurable, consistent growth on the platform most directly tied to consumer activity and buzz.

See what our clients are achieving with WPIC

Lululemon Athletica

Market assessment research

As Lululemon was looking to enter the Chinese market, they did not know what the size of the opportunity was. They were unsure what the main online e-commerce platforms were and what their competitors were doing in China. MORE


Mobile phone app architecture

Ford-Lincoln wanted to build a Lincoln owner’s mobile phone application for the China market, but was unsure where to begin. So, they tasked WPIC with executing a “define” phase, in order to (1) refine the high-level business requirements and user experience and (2) create detailed functional requirements for the app. MORE

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