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In order to ensure your company succeeds in China and Japan, it is imperative that you have the right products and solutions in hand.

Whether you leverage Discripto to download and index the Chinese internet for insights on e-commerce, Japanalytics to analyze your website’s performance in the market, or China Digital Labs to build custom coded technology that performs seamlessly, ensure your company is taking the right steps with products that perform and allow you to capitalize on the opportunities that Asia presents.

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Discripto is WPIC’s custom-built, big data, distributed script engine that provides your business with end-to-end visibility into China’s e-commerce market. Whether you’re in need of a market-entry blueprint or market-growth support, Discripto takes the mystery out of the market. Guide your business decisions with data-backed clarity you can bank on.

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For Western businesses looking to grow profitably, securing a market for products and services in China makes sense. Few analytics tools are available in China, including Google Analytics, and while search leader Baidu dominates 66 per cent of search queries within China, its analytics suite lacks Google’s reliability. So, the question becomes, how can you ensure visibility and transparency into your Chinese e-commerce operations?

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While Western platforms such as Twitter and Facebook may not be available in China, the principles of digital marketing still remain, albeit in different forms. Chinese consumers are savvy, educated and mobile-focused. If you want your brand to make an impact in the world’s largest consumer market, your marketing campaigns need to speak to Chinese customers on their channels.

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The future of business is technology, and WPIC is at the forefront of the technology boom transforming Asia’s economy. Finding the right formula of technology, cloud activation, and integration demands careful planning, a world-class IT solution and thorough understanding of the infrastructure and security needs unique to Asia.

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Featured Case Studies


Mobile phone app architecture

Ford-Lincoln wanted to build a Lincoln owner’s mobile phone application for the China market, but was unsure where to begin. So, they tasked WPIC with executing a “define” phase, in order to (1) refine the high-level business requirements and user experience and (2) create detailed functional requirements for the app. MORE

Lululemon Athletica

Market assessment research

As Lululemon was looking to enter the Chinese market, they did not know what the size of the opportunity was. They were unsure what the main online e-commerce platforms were and what their competitors were doing in China. MORE