WPIC, a leading China market research company, provides accurate, valuable data and insights to companies, giving them the clarity they need in order to enter markets in Asia effectively and win market share.

Whether data comes from Baidu, Tmall, WeChat or another platform, ensure sure your team has the right tools in hand, from the right China market research company, in order to win share in the world’s largest and most important e-commerce markets.

Through WPIC’s data and insights, your company can discover what sort of market your products have in China and Japan, project your brand’s performance, identify and optimize the correct product mix, monitor consumer sentiment, and protect trademarks.

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Take the mystery out of the market

Discripto is WPIC’s custom-built, big data, distributed script engine that provides businesses with end-to-end visibility into China’s e-commerce market. Whether brands are in need of a market-entry blueprint or market-growth support, Discripto takes the mystery out of the process.

Guide business decisions with data-backed clarity from the world’s leading China market research company.

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Lululemon Athletica

Market assessment research

As Lululemon was looking to enter the Chinese market, they did not know what the size of the opportunity was. They were unsure what the main online e-commerce platforms were and what their competitors were doing in China. MORE


Counterfeit Protection and Tmall Ecommerce

Pantone approached WPIC to eliminate black market violators from numerous platforms, including its preferred third party e-commerce space: Tmall. MORE