, China’s most popular Internet search engine, enables over 75 per cent of China’s search volume and accounts for one per cent of search engine market share worldwide.

Baidu Marketing Agency

WPIC Marketing + Technologies deploys our big data, distributed script engine Discripto® to collect data and deliver full market research and business intelligence reports, complete with specific recommendations, across multiple platforms, including Baidu. The engine can be indexed and leveraged to deduce information about the Chinese market and expected sales volumes based on search patterns.

Through monthly brand search volume data, WPIC can indicate to your company several key competitive metrics, including the following:

where your specific brand lines up with respect to competitors on Baidu;

which keywords within an SKU segment are most popular;

sales volume your brand can expect over a given time period, with precise accuracy.

Furthermore, WPIC accesses data from forums, portals and bulletin board systems to identify key hotspots of search data, unit volume activity, and overall conversion sources.

If expansion into China is part of your brand’s growth strategy, Baidu must be at the centre of it. WPIC will develop and execute your company’s ad spend strategy on the Baidu platform, driving month-over-month and year-over-year growth.

Ultimately, with millions of individual data points collected per campaign, WPIC provides your company with a comprehensive understanding of China’s digital space and the tools you need to sustain long-term, profitable growth in China.

Set your brand up for success on Baidu