The billons of consumers in China and Japan represent the world’s largest consumer market – one that will only grow in the coming years. For companies seeking lucrative growth in this burgeoning market, accurate, actionable data is the foundation of success.

Many companies learn (sometimes after the fact) that Chinese and Japanese consumers have different tastes and preferences to their Western counterparts. WPIC Marketing + Technologies leverages powerful, reliable data to provide the three-dimensional blueprint our clients need to:

Whether it’s a market viability study or insight into a competitor’s activities overseas, WPIC will give your brand access to overall revenue availability, current and future market demands, and demographic and consumer data on the three main e-commerce platforms in operation in China and Japan.

Sell on Tmall

Operated by one of China’s leading internet companies, Tmall is an online marketplace designed for Chinese consumers. Sometimes referred to as the “Amazon of China,” it is ranked number one amongst popular online shopping platforms in China. Tmall is unique in that it allows brands to create a customizable experience for their customers in their own digital storefronts.

With more than 500 million monthly active users, Alexa ranks Tmall as the world’s seventh most visited website. And as the most trusted B2C e-commerce platform for Chinese consumers, there is no more effective way to target your brand’s customers in China and drive international revenue than to sell on Tmall.

Sell on

Any brand serious about e-commerce in China is already familiar with JD. As China’s leading one-stop e-commerce platform, JD provides brands with access to more than 300 million active customers.

Committed to utilizing innovative technologies to enhance customer experience, JD has developed one of the world’s most efficient supply chains. Offering unparalleled authenticity and high-quality products, JD helps leading local and international brands to enter China’s fast-growing e-commerce market. As one of the most dynamic platforms in China’s e-commerce landscape, it is vitally important that your JD partner knows the ecosystem inside and out, and leverages the most effective tactics to sell on and drive revenue for your brand.

Sell on

Sell on Rakuten

Founded in Tokyo in 1997, Rakuten is Japan’s leading B2C e-commerce platform. The company also operates the largest Japanese Internet bank and the leading credit card company in Japan. It also provides e-commerce fintech, digital content and communication services to more than one billion members worldwide and operates in 29 countries and territories.

Does your brand’s growth strategy include Japan? Rakuten needs to be in your plans moving forward. No better platform currently exists in reaching Japanese consumers online.

Competitor Monitoring

If an expansion into China and Japan is in the future for your brand, it’s imperative to glean insights about your competitors’ activities in those markets. With Discripto, WPIC’s proprietary big data solution, your brand can discover key facts about your competitors’ performance in the Asian markets, including:

  • revenue breakdown
  • online store performance
  • pricing
  • promotion strategies

By downloading and indexing the Chinese and Japanese e-commerce internet, our data monitors competitor activity and provides insight into their performance on platforms like Tmall, Rakuten, and others with 99.9 per cent accuracy.

Plan and execute your strategies with the ultimate in data-backed confidence. Join Lululemon, Pernod Ricard and other majors brands that maximize revenue through WPIC’s big data and insights.

Position yourself for rapid growth and success