To put together a China market entry strategy and ensure viability in new markets, your organization needs a comprehensive assessment of the market and your competitors.

China Market Entry Strategy

Leading organizations understand that the right China market entry strategy ensures viability into the new market, and before acting, companies need a comprehensive assessment of the market and the brand’s competitors.

Leverage WPIC’s proprietary tool, Discripto®, to glean accurate, actionable insights into the Asia markets beforehand. With WPIC’s Marketing + Technologies’ market viability support, brands of all sizes and industries can learn their:

  • Potential or existing online revenue by channel
  • Current supply in the market
  • Customer profiles

Discover the opportunity for your brand in Asia with the right China market entry strategy. Innovate on your product mix, defend your advantage and outperform competitors in the world’s largest e-commerce markets with the certainty that WPIC’s data provides.

Financial modelling

Forecasting and financial modelling in a new market, particularly one in Asia, where companies face risks and missteps are costly, can challenge even the most seasoned business executives.

Organizations need to know what revenue growth in China will look like next week, next month, next quarter and next year. Lean on Discripto, WPIC’s custom-built, big data tool, to gain visibility into anticipated revenues, expected costs, profits, cash flow, and more.

As a China-hosted platform inside the Great Firewall, WPIC guarantees 99.9 per cent data accuracy, so you can rely comfortably on our results, knowing that the projections you make and the tactics you implement with your market or platform entry are based on reliable insights with virtually no data leakage.

Go-to-market Planning

Recognizing the massive opportunity and demand for your products in China and Japan, what are your next steps?

Developed over more than 15 years, WPIC’s industry-leading experience on Asia’s primary and secondary e-commerce and social platforms ensures that the best minds in data execute a profitable China market entry strategy on your behalf. Whether launching your products on JD, Rakuten, 1688, Kaola or Tmall, WPIC works to ensure that no matter what parameters you’re working with – pricing, industry, or distribution plans – your brand achieves positive results and revenue growth in-market from day one and consistently operates from a strong competitive advantage to drive market share and outperform the competition.

With WPIC’s go-to-market planning support, your brand will achieve the following:

  • Resolve existing business challenges in China, including trademark infringement
  • Identify market opportunities
  • Determine initial and subsequent targeted market penetrations
  • Understand the buying process of your consumers
  • Build a China market entry strategy
  • Build a Japan market entry strategy
  • Establish a differentiated position from your competitors and alternatives
  • Prepare a product path and project the product life cycle
  • Establish a strong distribution strategy and corresponding sales processes
  • Create an integrated requirements plan
  • Develop a comprehensive and structured demand management plan
  • Prepare an implementation plan
  • Train support customer service representatives to handle customer inquiries
  • Identify marketing and promotions opportunities, in addition to partners, in order to create awareness and build interest, ultimately leading to revenue

Prep your team for success in the Asian markets, quickly and confidently