For accurate insights into the macro-level trends and transactions occurring within the Chinese market, rely on WPIC Marketing + Technologies.

China Ecommerce Data

Through WPIC’s macroeconomic data, individual companies, institutional investors, governments, and agencies of all sizes can access verifiable information and accurately glean what’s happening on the ground in the world’s second-largest economy through China ecommerce data.

WPIC deploys Discripto® to identify and pull down all relevant China ecommerce data. What’s the size of the athleisure market in Shanghai? How many cherries from Chile were sold in Beijing last month?

Discripto answers those questions and more. Discripto is built from the ground up as a China-hosted platform, which means valuable China ecommerce data won’t leak as a result of faulty program design and challenges with the country’s technological landscape.

Inform your projections and underpin your analyses with accurate, high-quality macroeconomic data.

Gain clarity, context, and a greater understanding of the size and trends of the markets of various industries in China