By finding the root cause behind social conversations around their products, brands gain priceless insights into who their customers really are.

Social Listening in China

Social listening provides your brand with valuable feedback and detail on your customers’ wants, needs and questions about your products. Gather unmatched wisdom on your businesses’ successes, identify opportunities for improvement, generate ideas for new products and improve on existing ones.

Through programmatic scraping based on direct mentions of your brand or discussions on specific keywords, topics, competitors or industries, WPIC builds a data set and then analyzes those conversations (in their native language) to gain insights on market opportunities for your brand in China.

Thanks to custom-developed advanced tools, WPIC’s social listening capabilities can monitor your brand’s e-commerce channels like Tmall and JD. Listening to digital apps, online forums and Chinese social media channels like WeChat and Weibo allow us to develop an overall customer sentiment and aggregate feedback in market-specific languages.

Understand how your customers perceive your brand and hear what they have to say, in their own words.

Interested in improving your brand’s perception and, ultimately, driving revenue growth in the market?