Is your brand in need of support of China trademark registration support to eliminate online IP infringement in Asia?

China Trademark Registration

WPIC Marketing + Technologies’ custom-built, big data, distributed script engine Discripto® identifies each and every instance of trademark and IP infringement in China. Our longstanding relationships with e-commerce platforms like Tmall , 1688, JD and others allows us to stop brand violators within days. Our China trademark registration service eliminates online trademark and IP infringement and allows us to have violating items taken down within a week. Brand protection regained. Lost revenue found.

In trademark law, China differs greatly from other countries such as the United States. While the latter abides by the first to use law, China follows the first to file law. This means the party that files a trademark with the China Trade Mark Office first is sanctioned to sell goods under that trademark, whether or not it can demonstrate that the trademark has been used in the business.

It is not expensive to file China trademark registration applications and a number of local violating merchants already have done so, effectively leveraging the brand strength of well-known foreign companies. In fact, Taobao and similar classifieds sites may offer legitimate goods, often sold by importers who fly to Western countries and return home to sell them at a similar price point to the brand itself, thereby threatening that brand’s revenues in the market. Some Western companies turn to the courts to reclaim the Chinese name associated with their brand, only to find themselves losing to home-grown companies.

Trademark disputes can equate to a sizable loss of revenue and a weakened ability to control the brand experience for your customers. Other key factors to consider include:

  • Expenses and hidden fees
  • Appeals
  • Damages
  • Brand confusion

If your company is considering either expansion into China or is in the market already and is seeing IP infringement issues, China trademark registration with the right partner step one. Ensure that your company is the first to file and let WPIC empower you to take control of your brand.

Bring your Chinese customers back into your hands