China Ecommerce Analysis

One of the primary shortcomings of Chinese search engines like Baidu is that their China Ecommerce analytics suites are far less reliable and comprehensive than what global brands need. This deprives analytics-focused organizations from the kinds of reliable data with which they can make evidence-based decisions and strategy adjustments.

WPIC picks up where Baidu and other Chinese search engines leave off, early in the funnel of statistical site feedback, delivering the following segments:

  • Advertising and Campaign Performance
  • Analysis & Testing
  • Audience Characteristics and Behavior
  • Cross-Device/Cross-Platform Measurement
  • Data Management (APIs, Filters, User Permissions)
  • Sales and Conversions
  • Site & App Performance

WPIC’s China Ecommcerce analytics tools are hosted in country and provide superior levels of ease, accuracy, and insight. Clients love the user-friendly platforms, which are completely customizable and provide comprehensive information that brands need in order to optimize and adjust.

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China Ecommerce Analysis

Access locally-hosted, user-friendly analytics for your China online properties

For Western businesses looking to grow profitably, securing a market for products and services in China makes sense. Few analytics tools are available in China, including Google Analytics, and while search leader Baidu dominates 66 per cent of search queries within China, its analytics suite lacks Google’s reliability. So, the question becomes, how can you ensure visibility and transparency into your Chinese e-commerce operations?

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