As the largest e-commerce market in the world, China promises incredible growth for your brand.

While many technical differences exist between marketing in North America and marketing in China, the core principles remain. Digital advertising, for example, must reach your customers where they are and your brand must have the means to track, quantify and evaluate ad spend for every campaign.

WPIC Marketing + Technologies bids on advertising space on third-party Chinese publishing sites on your behalf. We then track your digital ads in real time. Regardless of which site your ads ran on, the Chinalytics ad tracking tool will provide you with the deepest possible insights into the performance of your marketing campaigns — from ad impressions to click-throughs.

By providing rich data into which network offers the most effective return on your advertising investment, you can then focus on the channels that drive the highest, most consistent revenue.

Optimize your brand’s growth based on accuracy and depth of insight