No two markets are the same. But where do the differences lie? Technology capabilities? Customer preferences? Macro consumer patterns? Without proper data, these answers remain imprecise.

One of the largest e-commerce markets in the world, Japan’s consumer tastes vary greatly from their Western peers. To drive revenue and market share for your brand, your company needs in-depth, accurate information regarding buying patterns in Japan.

Japanalytics, WPIC Marketing + Technologies’ custom-developed web analytics platform for Japan, gives you access to consumer insights that are simply not found anywhere else. With best-in-class heat map capabilities, session recordings, forms reports, and limitless, customizable data points, Japanalytics gives you key insights, such as:

  • Are your customers visiting your site primarily from mobile or desktop computers?
  • What sort of browser are they using?
  • How much time are they spending on the site?
  • Where did they come from?

You also get full channel attribution in real time, allowing you to optimize your website based on the data you receive.

Get insights on Japan that you can bank on