As any company can attest, web analytics tools are essential to modern digital marketing.

Web Analytics in China

Is your company getting accurate web analytics in China? How is your site performing in the market? Can you trust the data you’re receiving about it?

With so many of the world’s most popular business and consumer-focused resources disabled by the Chinese government, planning and executing a business strategy can be an uphill battle, especially without access to the world’s most well-known and frequently-used enterprise tools.

And with most leading global technology services hosted outside of the Great Firewall and therefore unavailable at full capacity in China, the most common web analytics tools are no longer at your fingertips to allow you to make key business decisions.

  • Beyond crucial services like Microsoft OneDrive, Slack, GitHub, Hubspot CMS and more, Google Analytics, the global market leader, is not fully available, at best operating at 70 per cent of its full capacity, resulting in significant data loss
  • Baidu (Google’s counterpart in China) has developed its own software, known as Tongji. However, leading technologists consider it malware and believe it is the root cause of thousands of compromised websites.

Even with this caveat, the prospect of abandoning Baidu’s Tongji can be a daunting one when nothing else exists in the market. Or does it?

Chinalytics is WPIC Marketing + Technologies’ China-hosted, omni-channel web analytics tool. Available in over 50 languages with a global service layer, customer branded interface, and multi-data inbound fields, Chinalytics helps you garner invaluable data about your customers with 100 per cent in-market accuracy.

Web analytics in China you can trust.

Hosted inside the Great Firewall, Chinalytics delivers the following statistical site feedback with unparalleled accuracy:

  • Advertising and campaign performance
  • Customized analysis and testing
  • Audience characteristics and behavior
  • Cross-device/cross-platform measurement
  • Data management (APIs, filters, user permissions)
  • Sales and conversions
  • Site and app performance

Chinalytics is an open source platform, so it cannot be manipulated the same way that Tongji has been in the past. Its data integrity and analytical capability work together to provide you with the clarity and analysis your company needs to make evidence-based decisions in the world’s most important e-commerce market.

Get the data you need to understand the China market and your brand’s presence within it