To maximize revenue in the Chinese market, brands benefit from operating a China-based, China-hosted website, one that exists from within the firewall.

Domain Registration in China

Depending on the needs of your company, is a .cn or a domain appropriate?

The WPIC Marketing + Technologies team works with your business to ensure that your website domain represents your brand correctly and is able to assist in driving conversions by minimizing website downtime inside the firewall.

In order to ensure your brand’s website is up and running with as few delays as possible, you need experts with the experience to deliver on handling your domain registration in China efficiently, with minimal hassle.

Beyond the initial domain registration in China, WPIC also possesses the technical acumen to ensure that your site remains easily accessible to your customers (maximizing uptime) while responding to your company’s global IT infrastructure and its needs in China’s internet landscape.

Position your brand for immediate profitability with fast domain registration in China.