From a legal framework, navigating any new market can be challenging for brands and markets in China and Japan, and market expansion comes with its fair share of unfamiliar regulations and processes.


From product liability in China to payment gateways in Japan, product insurance across both countries and much more, companies need to know that they are positioned to mitigate risk and protect their brands.

Product Liability in China

Having served clients in Asia for over 15 years, the WPIC Marketing + Technologies team reduces your uncertainty and provides the support your brand needs to move your product quickly and profitably without establishing permanent, physical business operations in the market.

We limit your exposure and product liability in China and Japan by providing several key services, including:

  • Acting as a merchant of record
  • Acting as a legal proxy
  • Providing you with the correct insurance.

Regardless of your legal requirements, WPIC reduces your liability in-market, so that you can focus on what matters most: speaking directly to your customers, delivering the best possible brand experience and driving profitable, sustained growth.

Let us handle the details while you focus on growing market share.