Once your brand has entered the market, it is important that your company is communicating with its audience effectively. WPIC, a leading China digital marketing agency, uses cutting edge tools to drive brand awareness and conversions. Whether your campaign leverages key opinion leaders (KOLs), PPC, e-commerce platform advertising, social media marketing through WeChat, or something else altogether, WPIC’s China digital marketing agency speaks to your customers on their channels in order to ensure your brand makes an impact.

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China Digital Marketing Agency

China Digital Marketing Agency

Place your brand front and centre of your customers in China

While Western platforms such as Twitter and Facebook may not be available in China, the principles of digital marketing still remain, albeit in different forms. Chinese consumers are savvy, educated and mobile-focused. If you want your brand to make an impact in the world’s largest consumer market, your marketing campaigns need to speak to Chinese customers on their channels.

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Thought leadership and digital community management

In the digital space, content is king. Creating and disseminating content and gathering feedback provide a company with control over how it’s viewed and helps foster community and buy in. Canonical approached WPIC to launch a thought leadership campaign for Ubuntu software and products in China. MORE


Counterfeit Protection and Tmall Ecommerce

Pantone approached WPIC to eliminate black market violators from numerous platforms, including its preferred third party e-commerce space: Tmall. MORE