Looking to have products sell on Tmall? Need the right Tmall Partner and not sure who to trust inside the market?

Effective e-commerce marketing in China and Japan goes well beyond just leveraging the services of a Tmall Partner and listing products on a handful of the most famous web platforms. As any company that spends time inside the market will learn, there are specific strategies and tactics that drive conversions and revenue. 

So, how can a company know those tactics before they enter the market?

Brands that want to sell on Tmall and JD would do well to approach China’s e-commerce market with, among other things: data leading the way; competitive insights that paint an accurate landscape; SKU localization that targets Chinese consumers; effective e-commerce marketing that reaches customers; and of course, the right Tmall Partner and JD Partner who has experience inside the market.

Revenue-driving success to sell on Tmall and JD involves a number of crucial business questions, including:

  • Where on these sites will products appear?
  • How will a company’s products be featured with respect to their competitors?
  • What is the correct product mix, given the market?
  • How should items be priced?
  • What sort of promotions should a brand be offering?

In order to sell on Tmall or JD and drive conversions on Asia’s leading e-commerce platforms, all of these factors, as well as countless others, are vital.

Fortunately for companies looking to sell to China through e-commerce, WPIC is an enterprise partner (and, of course, a Tmall Partner) with over 15 years of experience in successfully driving revenue for some of the world’s most dynamic and recognizable brands on leading Asian e-commerce platforms.

Beyond simply Tmall Partner status, WPIC holds long-standing professional relationships with key staff at JD, Alibaba, Rakuten, Pinduoduo, Little Red Book and several other platforms, which keeps the company on the cutting edge of the latest Chinese and Japanese e-commerce developments and trends.

Dozens of brands rely on WPIC to ensure their e-commerce marketing campaigns consistently drive growth, profitably.

Sell on Tmall and JD.com

Registration and Store Design

As China’s most visited platforms, marketing on Tmall and JD.com must be at the centre of any company’s global growth and e-commerce strategy. A company’s presence on one or both of those channels has the potential to introduce their brand to hundreds of millions of consumers.

Once data validates the inclusion of China’s leading marketplaces in an e-commerce strategy, several other questions need to be answered before companies sell on Tmall, JD or any other platform inside the market. For instance:

  • How does a company work through Alibaba’s set-up processes quickly and effectively to get a Tmall flagship store up and running?
  • How much deposit does JD require in order to make the store live online?
  • Once a brand has received approvals from each platform, how does a company design and build storefronts in order to drive interest and, ultimately, conversions?

As a verified Tmall Partner and JD partner, WPIC seamlessly executes these processes on behalf of dozens of companies, so they can focus on what’s most important: building revenue for the brand.

SKU localization in China

Consumer tastes in Asia differ significantly from those in North America and Europe. A global strategy that includes the Asia Pacific region must be cognizant of the fact that popular products in North America or Europe can easily gather dust on the shelves in China or Japan. Furthermore, popular items in Beijing or Shanghai don’t automatically appeal to consumers in China’s “tier-2” or “tier-3” cities, either.

Consumers from different locales have different tastes; so, how can a brand capitalize on that? What’s the correct product mix to propel customers to purchase? What about materials? Which products should a company plan to bring into the market and which ones should they leave at home?

When considering market entry, other questions inevitably arise, including:

  • Do existing colours and patterns work for China market entry or do they need to be tweaked for the new market?
  • Do specific products need to be developed before a company can sell on Tmall?
  • At what price points can a foreign company compete on JD?

Thanks to market data derived from WPIC’s custom data engine Discripto, WPIC’s intimate knowledge of the local market, and years of on-the-ground expertise, brands can be assured that they are optimally positioned for success.

WPIC will ensure that the product mix and SKUs that companies put forth will resonate with consumers and transform first-time customers into loyal brand ambassadors.