Perhaps there’s no bigger difference between China and the West than our media ecosystems. While those differences exist, it is vitally important for brands to leverage the power of PR and earned media (alongside paid and owned media) if they want to succeed in China.

Perfected over 15 years in the Asian market, WPIC Marketing + Technologies’ PR expertise can assist your brand in choosing the most effective outlets for your industry and product. We understand the gamut of media, from what sort of media training your spokespeople need to the types of media organizations best serve your brand.


In China, the key opinion leader or KOL is a mainstay of media strategy. These influencers often have millions of followers and can significantly influence consumer feeling towards your brand and incent purchases. WPIC understands which KOLs speak directly to your customers and can recommend the most profitable associations for your brand.

Leverage public relations in China to maximize awareness for your brand