Tap into WPIC’s expertise

    Tap into WPIC’s expertise

    With over 15 years of experience in the market, WPIC has developed a full suite of services to get your brand from consideration to implementation, to effective execution and high-performing results in China and Japan.

    Whether your brand is already inmarket with a dedicated Chinese website, wants to sell direct to consumers in Japan on Rakuten, or is completely new to Asia, WPIC has the custom tools and proven strategies to assist you in realizing your revenue goals and grow your market share.

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    server and structural support

    WPIC supported BASF’s lightweight digital campaign by providing server and structural support to their marketing rollout. WPIC established required documentation, bank accounts, business licenses and tax processes, that ensured timely and seamless transactions. MORE


    Mobile phone app architecture

    Ford-Lincoln wanted to build a Lincoln owner’s mobile phone application for the China market, but was unsure where to begin. So, they tasked WPIC with executing a “define” phase, in order to (1) refine the high-level business requirements and user experience and (2) create detailed functional requirements for the app. MORE