Protect your brand with China trademark registration and bring your customers back into your hands.


Ensure your brand is fully protected in China’s “first to file” legal system. 

Understand the nuances of the system. Lean on a trusted partner to file your trademarks with the China Trademark Office, enabling your organization to sell goods under that trademark.

Protect your revenue and gain control of your brand.


  • Expenses and hidden fees
  • Appeals
  • Damages
  • Brand confusion

China trademark registration is step 1. Let WPIC’s consulting practice handle all the steps required, quickly and effectively.

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IP infringement

Eradicate trademark and copyright infringement in the market by leveraging WPIC consulting services. 

Deploy WPIC’s step-by-step infringement program to gain control of the market:

Step 1: Unleash Discripto, WPIC’s custom-built big data, distributed script engine, to identify each and every instance of trademark and IP infringement in the market.

Step 2: Once identified, lean on WPIC’s long-standing relationships with all major e-commerce marketplaces to stop brand violations within days.

Brand protection regained. Lost revenue found.

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