Supply chain solutions for small, medium and enterprise businesses.

Trust an experienced in-market partner to seamlessly handle logistics and operations for your brand.

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Supply chain

Move quickly and flexibly to respond to the market.

Identify exactly how much physical inventory your organization needs to hold in China to have a lean operation. Optimize for fluctuations in the market at different points in time:

  • Omni channel fulfilment
  • Legal liability
  • Establishing legal entities in the market
  • And more.

Optimize your supply chain in China today.

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Channel management

Across B2B and B2C, optimize all of your channels so they work together efficiently. Deliver a seamless experience for your customer; drive growth across all channels.

Perform at a high level in the largest market in the world.

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Product import

Acquire the necessary China import licenses to ensure your brand can operate profitably as early as possible and begin transacting in the market with minimal delay. Beyond ICP licenses in China, WPIC will:

  • Ensure your products pass inspections
  • Move your goods through customs efficiently
  • Minimize transport delays
  • Insure your inventory
  • And more.

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