Get full visibility into how your competitors are performing in the market. Leverage market research in Asia to adapt your business. Then optimize to drive results.

Competitive intelligence

Your organization understands the importance of gaining insights about your competitors’ activities. With Discripto, lean on industry-leading market research in Asia to discover key insights about your competitors’ performance, including:

Plan and execute your strategies with data-focused solutions powered by Discripto

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  • Revenue
  • Online store performance
  • Pricing
  • Promotional strategies
  • And more.


Top performers

Learn which products are driving growth- then plan, optimize, and execute, accordingly.

With competitive insights powered by Discripto, companies get end-to-end visibility into how products in their sector are performing, down to the SKU level.

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Seller / merchant data

Get full visibility into your merchants’ activities to ensure your brand is being prioritized and correctly positioned inside the market.

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Pricing & MAP

How does your product pricing stack up against the competition? What’s the MAP and how is it being enforced inside the market?

Before you move, ensure your actions are backed by the power of strong competitive intelligence data through Discripto.

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Competitor feedback

Discover exactly what customers are saying about your competitors in China. Lean on those insights. Then, plan, adjust and optimize.

Uncover high value competitor insights and lean on market research in Asia.

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