Whether you’re a B2B or B2C company, go D2C in China and launch your native e-commerce website in the market.


Trust the partners who have designed, developed and deployed dedicated websites for dozens of brands inside The Firewall.

Control your customer’s end-to-end experience with your brand, with:

  • Web analytics
  • First party data and insights
  • Full design control
  • VR and AR capability options
  • And more.

Native e-commerce build

Build a direct relationship with your customer.

Benefit from operating a China-based, China-hosted website, one that exists from within The Firewall. From ICP licenses to hosting inside the market, to CMS integrations to site speed optimizations and testing, go D2C in China with the right partner.

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Develop your brand’s experience.

From design to execution, lean on WPIC’s award-winning programmers to develop a custom .CN website in the market.

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➜ BLOG: Interested in launching a native e-commerce website in China? Learn about which technology tools and platforms work inside of the Great Firewall.


Once built, deploy your native e-commerce website in China from inside The Firewall. Leverage WPIC’s IT support experience to monitor uptime, improve stability, optimize site speed, and more.


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Brands that are serious about going D2C in China must ensure that their native e-commerce builds facilitate the most popular payment processes in the market.

WPIC makes sure your .CN website is able to accept Alipay, WeChat Pay and more.

Go D2C in China now.

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