Ensure that all channels in the market are working together, driving growth for your brand.

Whether you’re leveraging Tmall agencys, third party marketplaces, distributor programs, or working D2C, make sure each channel is performing at a high level and continuously optimizing.

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Platform operations

Trust an experienced Tmall agency to run your key third party platform operations. Lean on WPIC for marketing insights, promotional activations and more to drive growth on each of your key platforms.

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Channel management

Ensure all your brand’s channels are optimized and performing at a high level in the largest markets in the world.

Synchronize third party marketplaces, native e-commerce, and brick and mortar to provide your customer with a seamless brand experience in China.

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Trade partner integration

Integrate all trade partners your organization is leveraging in the market to ensure a consistent brand experience for all of your customers, with predictable P&L across third party stores in China:

  • Control P&L in the market
  • Communicate your brand values
  • Control the brand image, positioning and price.
  • Execute according to your preferred strategy
  • Market effectively
  • Manage your relationship with your customer

Trust WPIC, the Tmall agency to grow your brand in the market. 

Distributor integration

Understand how your distributor agreements in the market fit in to your brand’s overall presence in China.

Then, integrate each pillar of your brand in the market to drive growth, profitably.

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marketing strategy

Channel administration

Lean on WPIC’s 15 years of experience as China business consultants for leading B2B and B2C brands across the world to deploy and activate the right channels for your brand.

From online to offline, WPIC is at the cutting edge of China’s “new retail” landscape. Ensure your brand is positioned to win in the market.

Retail partner

For select organizations, WPIC acts as an exclusive retail partner in the market, providing end-to-end management, while collaborating closely with brands.

The end result? A seamless in-market experience for customers, and strong, sustainable revenue growth for brands across APAC.

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