Partner with the right supply chain solutions provider.

Lean on WPIC’s China warehouse services and ship products direct to consumers – in APAC and all over the world.

Empower your brand with omni-channel fulfilment solutions by partnering with WPIC and taking advantage of more than 65,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space, as well as industry-leading OMS and WMS software that all come together to give your organization end-to-end support and visibility.

Across the operational spectrum, WPIC handles commerce enablement details for your brand, so you can focus on what matters most- driving revenue and growing market share.

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Features and Integrations

Take advantage of WPIC’s China warehouse services:

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Physical services

  • Global, multi-channel e-commerce order fulfilment
  • Supporting B2B and B2C organizations
  • Warehousing
  • Pick and pack
  • Order replenishment
  • Returns management and processing
  • Product personalization

Software solutions

  • Software solutions
  • OMS
  • WMS
  • Supports B2B and B2C organizations
  • Shipment tracking
  • Inventory tracking
  • Restock alerts
  • Seamless integration with the world’s leading e-commerce platforms

Integrate with e-commerce platforms like Alibaba, Shopify, Amazon, and more.

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Delight your customers, and enable omni-channel fulfilment across the world with WPIC China warehouse services.

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Omni-channel solutions are at your fingertips with WPIC’s China warehouse services, as well as an un-matched logistics team by your side.

A walk through WPIC’s 65,000 sq. ft. warehouse facility in Nanjing will reveal industry leading operational capabilities in action, dedicated to pick, pack and ship product to your customers efficiently.

Inventory is protected and monitored as it moves in and out of the market, thanks to:

Inventory is protected and monitored as it moves in and out of the market, thanks to:

  • 24-hour security monitoring
  • Thousands of sq. ft. of climate controlled warehouse space
  • Full warehouse licensing and insurance
  • Dedicated warehouse staff

Once a purchase transaction occurs, WPIC’s team mobilizes to ensure that your merchandise reaches your customers’ hands without delay.


Across B2B and B2C, exceed customer expectations through best in class third party logistics (3PL) solutions.

Get your products in your customers’ hands with the partner you can trust to handle 3PL in China.

  • Fast
  • Efficient
  • Accurate
  • Cost-effective

WPIC’s operations division works with all major shipping and logistics companies in China to deliver your merchandise quickly and efficiently.


Product import

Get the necessary China import license for your category and brand. As part of WPIC’s end-to-end service capabilities, China product import licenses are just the first step.

WPIC’s registered new product import licenses allows foreign entities to send items to WPIC’s warehouse facility.

Get your product in the market now.

Get your product in the market now

Then, acting as a receiver of record, WPIC’s product import service includes:

  • Coordination of product imports
  • Registry at the border
  • Identifying which port to move through to reduce transit time
  • Facilitation of duties and payment of taxes
  • Transfer of goods from customs to WPIC’s warehouse
  • WPIC’s registry for importer of record
  • Transfer of goods from customs to WPIC’s warehouse
  • Storage, security, and unpacking of goods at WPIC’s warehouse
  • And more.

3PL in China – complete solutions

From your online store to your customer’s hands, hassle-free.

Free up resources and trust WPIC’s China warehouse services to provide your brand with 3PL services that give your customers the seamless experience they expect.

Get complete solutions for your brand’s logistics requirements in the market. Then, integrate your China fulfilment with your entire logistics network.

Grow your business with end-to-end logistics execution:

  • Manage orders in China
  • Track stock levels
  • Integrate global fulfilment with your Chinese e-commerce stores


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Merchant of record

Lean on a trusted partner to reduce your exposure and product liability.

Besides acting as legal proxy and providing your organization with the correct insurance, trust WPIC to act as merchant of record for your brand. As part of that, WPIC:

  • Accepts payments
  • Ensures compliance
  • Manages refunds
  • And more.

Limit your exposure in the market. Let WPIC handle the details while you focus on growing share.

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