Efficient web hosting is critical to driving revenue in China- online accessibility and user experience remain deciding factors in converting sales.

How do you ensure that your brand’s customer experience drives growth?

Step one- host inside The Great Firewall.

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With more than 8,000 servers under management in China, trust WPIC to fully manage your hosting inside The Great Firewall.

Get the right hosting infrastructure in the market without having to employ a full-time system administrator.

Thanks to a secure computing environment and operational expertise, WPIC’s IT team employs cloud solutions for organizations across a variety of industries.

Ensure that your digital presence meets your customers’ requirements when you’re in need of China web hosting services:

  • Complete server management
  • Full service support
  • Tailor-made solutions for your organization’s needs
  • Security, compliance, and resiliency
  • Load balance testing
  • Site speed optimization
  • Hosting ability on Ali Yun, Tencent, AWS, or Azure servers
  • LAMP or WAMP web environments

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Enterprise Support

Danaher requested a reworking of their entire China digital program for their operating companies already doing business in China. Convergence, transparency and optimization were top priority for the multi-brand conglomerate. MORE


Enterprise Support and Native Ecommerce

Arrow Verical was pursuing an aggressive ‘land and expand’ China strategy and required a wide range of diverse Enterprise services from one centralized, in China source. MORE

Engage effective China web hosting services and guarantee a fast, efficient online experience for your customers in the market.

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