Run operations across multiple time zones. Don’t let The Great Firewall stop your organization from executing core business functions.

ERP integration

Tmall integration, native e-commerce store integration and beyond.

Integrate your global enterprise management system with your China e-commerce storefronts.

Leverage the expertise required for successful ERP integration. 

WPIC’s technology division will build your brand’s China integration solution, including into:

Ensure that your ERP runs seamlessly in one of the most important e-commerce marketplaces.

CRM integration

Inside The Great Firewall, from B2B to B2C, ensure that your customer’s journey is captured immediately in your CRM, with custom built integrations into:

  • Salesforce
  • Leading global CRM platforms
  • Custom CRMs

Develop a Tmall integration with your CRM.

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Marketing automation

Ensure each asset you create is driving revenue for the brand.

Unleash a robust marketing automation solution inside China. Make sure your marketing stack is:

  • Hosted inside The Great Firewall
  • Optimized for the local internet infrastructure

WPIC’s technology team solves Tmall integration and native website integration with your global databases. As soon as a lead converts, your system updates immediately. 

Rely on WPIC’s technical expertise. From across the world, never miss a conversion.

China web integration done right.

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WPIC data monitoring solutions: get total visibility into the world’s most important and dynamic e-commerce platforms.

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