Started by Canadian brothers more than 15 years ago, WPIC focuses on the opportunity for global brands to sell directly to consumers in Asia.

With offices in multiple locations, WPIC leverages cutting edge technologies in data, analytics and e-commerce to empower organizations to capitalize on that opportunity, with a full suite of services that runs from high level research and conceptualization to implementation and execution.

The APAC Opportunity

Home to over four billion people, the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region boasts one of the most powerful consumer markets on the planet. In the luxury retail market alone, Chinese consumers account for nearly 35 per cent of global sales. This number is expected to rise to 45 per cent by the year 2025.

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The WPIC Difference

WPIC has been active in the Asian markets for over 15 years. In that time, our knowledge of the intricacies of Asian consumer tastes has deepened; we understand the entire journey to market — what is involved in getting products from a Western country to an Asian port, for example, and all the ensuing fees, forms, licenses and taxes involved.

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