Our expertise in big data, custom developed solutions for China and Japan, and Asia marketing services makes a material difference in your success

To fully realize the opportunity that the Asian market represents, one key necessity stands out:


Data pertaining to buying trends

Data revealing consumer perceptions and feelings about your brand

Data detailing the upfront costs involved in opening a market there

Data surrounding language and culture

Data indicative of the business climate

Data that delineates the technological landscape in detail.

Asia Marketing Services

WPIC has been active in the Asian markets for over 15 years. In that time, our knowledge of the intricacies of Asian consumer tastes has deepened; we understand the entire journey to market — what is involved in getting products from a Western country to an Asian port, for example, and all the ensuing fees, forms, licenses and taxes involved.

As a result, we have built a consultancy specializing in data, tech and Asia marketing services by learned from our clients and developing the crucial services and products they require to realize their greatest returns.

Today, WPIC has developed into a full-service partner on the ground with the knowledge you need to succeed in Asia.

A tailored service offering

A tailored service offering- WPIC’s solutions are wholly modular and designed to serve the needs of its clients.

Whether a company is completely new to the market and needs an end-to-end solution (from warehousing to remittance), or a client is a more experienced market player and may only lean on data offerings to identify demand in a given market, there is no more trusted partner in: Asia marketing services; e-commerce implementation; big data insights; custom developed IT solutions; analytics platforms; enterprise offerings; and more.

WPIC provides the building blocks and tools companies need to activate their business in the world’s biggest and most important marketplaces.