Amanda Liu

Director of Chinalytics

Amanda manages WPIC Marketing + Technologies’ web analytics tool and spearheads overall client account performance.

A graduate of the Illinois Institute of Technology and the Stuart School of Business (M.S., Marketing Analytics and Communication), Amanda is enthusiastic about marketing, website analytics and the manipulation of real data to achieve business goals.

Utilizing Chinalytics and other web analytics tools, Amanda leads the development of analysis structures for site audit reports based on client needs. She is known and lauded for her precise focus and meticulous attention to details. For instance, she independently led the Fortive OpCos website audit reports and assisted with successful site optimization and increased web traffic for the client.

Along with the rest of the Chinalytics team, Amanda leads tool training for clients in a supportive fashion, always emphasizing results. She is proud of the fact that thanks to the data analysis they conduct, the Chinalytics team provides not only website data but also insights and recommendations that assist her clients in growing their revenue and building their businesses.