Raphael Forestier

Chief Creative Officer

Hailing from France, Raphael has grown with WPIC to now lead the firm’s creative practice. In this role, he creates high-level, out-of-the-box digital designs to ensure best-in-class user experiences for brands and their customers. By combining data and competitive analytics, Raphael’s teams reach aggressive revenue targets and bring success to dozens of brands in Asia.

Raphael’s experience and education from CREAPOLE based out of Paris, France, has touched a variety of different domains, including fashion design, architecture, creative writing, product design, and UX.

Leading a group of 10 designers in China, Raphael and his creative team work towards perpetual improvement in their field. Passionate and diligent, Raphael works to leverage and harness cutting-edge technologies to ensure that WPIC’s clients perform effectively in China, driving strong revenue growth across each campaign.