Yasuhiro Koma

Yasuhiro Koma

Managing Director, Japan Operations

As the General Manager of WPIC’s Japan operations, Yasuhiro oversees e-commerce operations for the organization’s growing client roster in the Japanese market. 

Yasuhiro has experience as a buyer, marketer and an importer of wholesale goods in Japan and is an entrepreneur, having founded multiple businesses, including an online service that helps APAC-based businesses launch in the Japanese market. His area of expertise is in localizing international products for the Japanese market.

Yasuhiro earned a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from Kokugakuin University in Tokyo in 2011 and subsequently began a career at a Japanese trading company. In 2017, he received an MBA from the University of the Philippines, in Manila. 

Upon completion of his second degree, he worked at Helios Holdings Co., Ltd. and oversaw procurement of foreign products, product localization and Japanese marketing campaigns.