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We provided a multinational company accurate insights into its website and social marketing performance in China.

Honeywell case study


Key Deliverables

The client

Honeywell is a multinational company that develops and manufactures technologies.

The challenge

Honeywell approached WPIC Marketing + Technologies to assist in effectively tracking and monitoring its digital assets in China.

Honeywell needed to improve the customer experience in China and track the performance of its social media campaigns. Increasing future conversions depended on Honeywell’s ability to accurately identify, track and optimize website traffic.

Our solutions

WPIC implemented WeChat tracking to monitor campaign performance and banner click tracking to evaluate content effectiveness through Chinalytics, our proprietary web analytics tool.

With this in place, Honeywell gained full visibility into key metrics, including outlinks to Tmall and JD and form field activations, giving the brand the tools it needed to understand the contribution each campaign made.


With social media campaign attribution and website tracking, Honeywell optimized its social media marketing, increased conversions and gained accurate insights into its China website performance.

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